Defense Verdicts

We showcase our members’ victories in trial through the Tarrant County Trial Board. If you are a member and have had success in trial (defined as an acquittal, a hung jury, a conviction on a lesser charge, or by beating the State’s best offer, let us know!)

Week ofCourt ChargeDefense AttorneySecond ChairOutcome
February 25, 2019432Agg RobberyBrett BooneMistrial
February 25, 2019CDC1Capital MurderTerri MooreSteve GebhardtNot Guilty
February 25, 2019CDC2Burg Building (x2)T.L.Not Guilty
February 25, 2019CDC3Agg Assault DW S.T.Hung Jury
February 25, 2019CCC5ABI-FMJ.N.K.P.Not Guilty
February 4, 2019297Sexual Abuse of a Child u/14 ContinuousDon CarterClay GrahamNot Guilty
February 19, 2019CCC2Assault Bodily InjuryKim Minick
Bob JarvisNot Guilty
January 28, 2019CCC3DWI-OCNDHung Jury
February 25, 2019297Agg Assault DW, Acc Involving InjuryB.N.Not Guilty
January 28, 2019CCC4DWIMPNot Guilty
January 28, 2019CCC5ABI-FMEJMistrial
January 28, 2019CCC7UCWStephanie PattenNDNot Guilty
January 28, 2019CCC9DWI and UCWJim RenforthNot Guilty
January 28, 2019CDC1Capital Murder MDSTState Jail Felony
January 28, 2019CDC2Prohibited Substance Inside Correctional FacilityGMSherry ArmstrongHung Jury
January 14, 2019DWIBFJHNot Guilty
January 14, 2019CCC5ABI-FMSGNot Guilty
January 14, 2019CCC8DWIDean MiyazanoM.P.$500 fine
12/10/18371Aggravated RobberyWes BallD.A.Mistrial - Hung Jury
12/10/18CCC9Failure to IDD.P.Not Guilty
12/10/18CCC2DWIJ.B.Mistrial - Hung Jury
12/10/18CCC1DWIMimi CoffeyNot Guilty
11/12/18CCC7DWICurtis FortinberryN.D.Not Guilty
11/12/18CCC3DWIJason HowardL.W.Not Guilty
11/12/18CCC5ABI-FMCMNot Guilty
11/4/18CCC1Assault- Family ViolenceChristopher LankfordKimberly KnappNot Guilty
10/29/18432Hindering Apprehension of a Fugitive and Tampering with EvidenceB.W.Bob GillNot Guilty x 2
Probation on Misdemeanor Evading
10/22/18396Aggravated Sexual Assault of a ChildC.M.S.NNot Guilty
10/22/18CCC1DWIMimi CoffeyObstruction of Highway, Deferred
10/22/18CCC3DWIBrad ShawRachel Taft Obstruction of Highway, Credit for Time Served
10/15/18CCC9Assault Causing Bodily InjuryAbe FactorNot Guilty
10/15/18CCC3DWIStephen HandyNot Guilty
10/15/18CCC2DWI BAC >/= .15A.W.M.C.Not Guilty
10/15/18372Delivery/Manufacture of a CS 4-200G PG1Adam BurneyMark ScottNot Guilty
10/15/18297Aggravated Assault Deadly WeaponLance EvansJ.V.Not Guilty on Agg. Assault, Guilty on Misdemeanor Lessor of Deadly Conduct
10/15/18213Possession of a CS PG1 u/ 1GM.N.Not Guilty
10/1/18CDC1Theft $20,000 - $100,000 Steve GebhardtAndrea TownsendDirected Verdict - Not Guilty.
9/24/18CCC2ABI-FMB.B.J.L.Not Guilty
9/24/18CDC3Sexual AssaultL.H.E.J.Charge Reduced Mid-Trial. Pled to Minimum on Lesser Charge. (2 years - Attempted Sexual Assault)
9/24/18CCC5ABI - FM,
Terroristic Threat Of Family
Kathy Ehmann-ClardyNot Guilty (x2)
9/24/18CCC1ABI-FMC.A.Not Guilty
9/24/18CCC9DWI - Open ContainerL.B.Not Guilty
9/24/18CCC5 ABI - FMJerry WoodBrian WilsonNot Guilty
9/17/18CDC1Continuous Sexual Assault under 14 (Habitual)Letty MartinezChristy JackNot Guilty on Count 1, Guilty on Counts 2-7 (Agg. Sex Assault, Indecency, and Sexual Assault of a Child)
9/17/18CCC8DWIBrad ClarkMistrial
9/17/18CCC9DWIB.F.Heather LytleNot Guilty
9/17/18297Aggravated Sexual AssaultTaylor FergusonM.S.Guilty of Lesser (Sexual Assault)
9/17/18CCC7DWINon-MemberHung Jury
9/17/18CCC2ABI-FMDean MiyazonoKathy Ehmann ClardyNot Guilty
9/10/18CCC9DWIC.D.D.G.Not Guilty
9/10/18CCC10Resisting ArrestD.D.Mistrial - Hung Jury
9/10/18CDC4Indecency FondlingLance EvansNot Guilty
9/10/18CDC2Sexual AssaultO.A.Not Guilty
9/10/18297Sexual AssaultR.J.T.S.Not Guilty
9/10/18CCC5Assault Bodily Injury - Family MemberCandace TaylorNot Guilty
9/10/18CCC4DWI SecondTerri MooreNot Guilty
8/27/18432Poss CS 4-200 PG1Kimberly KnappLandon LokerMistrial - Hung Jury (Habitual)
8/27/18CCC2Violation of Protective Order, Unlawful RestraintShane LewisNot Guilty
8/27/18CCC4Indecent ExposureJ.N.S.D.Not Guilty
8/27/18CCC9DWISteve HandyMimi CoffeyNot Guilty
8/20/18CCC1ABI-FMDaniel HernandezDismissed Mid-Trial
8/20/18371Violation of Protective Order 2+ w/ 12 monthsMark ScottAdam BurneyMistrial - Hung Jury
8/13/18CCC1ABI-FMSteve GordonNot Guilty
8/13/18297Agg Sex Assault - Child R.H.J.G.Not Guilty, Guilty on Count 2 Indecency
8/13/18CDC3Agg Sex Assault - Child George MackeyB.J.Not Guilty