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Tarrant County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

The Tarrant County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association Directory is a list of attorneys who regularly practice in Tarrant County who are paid members of our organization. A current member of the organization must vouch for a new member before an application for membership will be approved. Attorneys must be in good standing with the State Bar of Texas in order to be a member of TCCDLA.

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There are currently 22 members in this directory beginning with the letter M.

Mackey, George B.
Address: 1107 E.1st Street, Ft. Worth, Tx.76102

Phone: 817-336-1008

Martin, James
Address: 1110 E Weatherford, Fort Worth, TX 76102

Phone: 817-888-8888

Martinez, Letty
Address: 300 Throckmorton Street, Suite 1650, Fort Worth, TX 76102

Phone: 817-203-2220

Matheson, Alan
Address: 709 Carroll Dr., Garland, TX 75041

Phone: 214-641-7462

McBride, Maggie
Address: 2000 Carson St., Fort Worth, TX 76117

Phone: 817-285-9909

McDonald, Alicia R.
Address: 605 S. Adams, Suite #9, Fort Worth, TX 76104

Phone: (817) 834-5175

McKay, Keith
Address: 6205 Airport Freeway

Phone: 817-838-6362

McLarty, Chelsi
Address: 855 Texas St., Suite 140, Fort Worth, TX 76102

Phone: 817-900-3235

McNulty, Zena
Address: 101 Summit Ave, Suite 1020, Fort Worth, TX 76102

Phone: 817-332-7739

Merchant, Christie
Address: 17304 Preston Road, Ste. 1250, Dallas, TX 75252

Phone: 214-538-7393

Miers, Mitchell
Address: Griffin Miers, 715 Jones St., #101, Fort Worth, TX 76102

Phone: 817-803-2392

Minick, Kimberly
Address: 916 W. Belknap, Fort Worth, TX 76102

Phone: 817-877-3333

Miyazono, Dean
Address: Jones Miyazono LLP, 1319 Ballinger Street, Fort Worth, TX, 76102

Phone: 817-335-0200

Molina, J. Rodrigo
Address: 1301 N. Houston St., Fort Worth, TX 76164

Phone: 817-624-4700

Mooney, Boyd
Address: 2703 Scott Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76103

Phone: 817-657-1170

Moore, Mary
Address: 403 N. Sylvania Ave, Suite 15, Fort Worth, TX 76111

Phone: 817-332-0101

Moore, Terri
Address: 300 Burnett Street, Suite 160, Fort Worth, TX 76102

Phone: 817-877-4700

Moore, Tim
Address: 115 W. 2nd, Suite 202, Fort Worth, TX 76102

Phone: 817-332-3822

Mullen, Kenneth
Address: 211 S Rusk St Suite 101 Weatherford, Tx 76086

Phone: 817-341-4848

Mullen, Lisa
Address: 3149 Lackland Road, Suite 102, Fort Worth, TX 76116

Phone: 817-332-8900

Munoz, Stephanie
Address: 3340 Camp Bowie Blvd, Suite 100, Fort Worth, TX 76107

Phone: 817-335-2389

Murphree, Thomas
Murphree Law Firm, P.C.

1800 West Bowie St., suite 200B
Fort Worth, TX 76110