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Tarrant County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

The Tarrant County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association Directory is a list of attorneys who regularly practice in Tarrant County who are paid members of our organization. A current member of the organization must vouch for a new member before an application for membership will be approved. Attorneys must be in good standing with the State Bar of Texas in order to be a member of TCCDLA.

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There are currently 11 members in this directory beginning with the letter P.

Palmer, David
Address: 221 W. Exchange Ave, Suite 204 A, Fort Worth, TX 76164

Phone: 817-625-5911

Pamplin, Lesa
Address: 2821 E. Lancaster Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76103

Phone: 817-531-0263

Paschall, Shawn
Address: Cole Paschall Law, 6300 Ridglea Place, #315, Fort Worth, TX 76116

Phone: 817-477-4100

Patten, Stephanie K.
Address: 2101 Moneda, Fort Worth, TX 76117

Phone: 817-348-0925

Peacock, Joshua
Address: Medlin Law Firm, 908 Glen Vista Dr. S, Irving, TX 75061

Phone: 469-955-1093

Pearson, David
Address: 8401 Jacksboro Highway, Suite 307, Fort Worth, TX 76135

Phone: 817-625-8081

Perez, Albert
Address: 2235 N. Main St., Fort Worth, TX 76164

Phone: 817-925-4819

Perkins, Tracie
Address: Kenan Law Firm, PC, 4710 Airport Freeway, Fort Worth, TX 76117

Phone: 817-926-9999

Pettigrew, Sam
Address: 840 S. Carrier Parkway, Grand Prairie, TX 75051

Phone: 972-846-4700

Pitzer, Danny
Address: 204 N. Main, Mansfield, TX 76063

Phone: 817-453-3700

Purselley, Martin
Address: 916 West Belknap, Ft. Worth, TX 76102

Phone: 817-992-6470