Tarrant County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

The History of TCCDLA

The Tarrant County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (TCCDLA) was formed in Fort Worth, Texas under the present name in the late 1970s. Before that, it was known simply as the Tarrant County Criminal Bar. Although the name has changed, the purpose of TCCDLA remains the same.

Tarrant County Courthouse
Historic Tarrant County Courthouse. Photographer: K. D. Barrett

The Mission of TCCDLA

The mission of TCCDLA is to promote superior representation of persons accused of criminal offenses, to promote goodwill in the community, and to educate the public about the defense of individuals charged with crimes. TCCDLA is a 501(c)(6) non-profit association of attorneys who represent individuals charged with criminal offenses in Tarrant County.

Toward that end, TCCDLA seeks to keep its members current on the latest developments in the area of criminal law and promote adherence to ethical standards by all participants in the criminal justice system.

Criminal Defense: A Fundamental Right

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” Martin Luther King Jr.

When the government brings a criminal charge against a person, the accused comes face-to-face with a prosecutor who has an immense amount of power to take the accused’s freedom. Our system of justice recognizes this power must be tempered with a fundamental and unalienable right to counsel. TCCDLA believes this is a critical right and criminal defense attorneys must rise to meet the challenge to prevent injustice in adjudication and sentencing.

Become a Member of TCCDLA

If you are an attorney who practices in criminal law in Tarrant County, the best thing you can do to improve your standing as a criminal defense attorney is to be a member of the Tarrant County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. Through our monthly meetings, we provide 11 hours of CLE per year. We also maintain a TCCDLA listserv through which members can ask questions, find experts, and discuss trial strategies.

How To Join TCCDLA

You can apply to be a member of the Tarrant County Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Association here: Join TCCDLA.

Memberships are valid from January 1 to December 31, of each year, with no proration. Memberships are by individual only, no corporate or firm memberships are allowed, and are limited to attorneys in good standing with the bar.